Campmeeting Sermons

Updated: August 3, 2018


Pastor Clinton Schultz

          Early and Latter Rain

          It is Time for the Latter Rain!

          Adventism and "Higher Criticism"


Steve and Karen Wickham

          Health - Diabetes Prevention/Reversal

          Part 2

          Part 3


Charles Kubrock

          Daniel 12 Prophecy of the End of Time

          Revelation's 7 Seals of Judgment

          The Heavenly Sanctuary's Closing Work


John Brownlee

          God Doesn't Change

          What Are We Doing Here?


Dr. Ron Fleck

          The Reformation


Julia Bellman

          My Testimony

          A Woman after God's Own Heart

          The Three Angels' Message


Nathan Quick

          Thailand - Death-Emergency Missions


Harold and Janelle Dixon

          Music Concert